The Miami-Dade Bail Association (MDBA) is an association that not only represents licensed Bail Bond Agents in Miami-Dade County, Florida but is also involved in informing the Public of issues concerning Public Safety.

As Bail Bond Agents, we share many of the same concerns, challenges, and interests in our industry. As residents of Miami-Dade County, we share with the Public similar concerns, challenges, and interest in how safe our community is.

These are MDBA commitments to the Bail Agents:

  • Promote cooperation among Miami-Dade Bail Agents
  • Promote cooperation and better working conditions with Miami-Dade Corrections
  • Work for more efficient policies and procedures with the Clerk of Court
  • Promote cooperation and better relationship with the Judiciary
  • Participate in local and state legislative meetings regarding issues affecting our industry

These are MDBA commitments to the Public:

  • Informing the Public of changes in State and Local Public Safety laws that affect safety in our communities
  • Informing the Public of Florida Statute changes affecting the Bail Bond industry
  • Assisting the Public with complaints against Bail Agents and Miami-Dade Corrections
  • Provide information of various Florida regulatory agencies

We are growing into being Florida’s largest Bail Bond Association. Click on this Link to the Membership Application – fill it out online, print it, sign it and fax it to 305-381-7097